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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA






























Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA



Our Farm Adoption Program


Our program is for people who want to have llamas but can't have them at their place ... or are not sure if they really want to own llamas. It gives people the option of having a trial period before making a final decision.

We have a "Llama Adoption Agreement" which we discuss with the adoptive party and if we are all in agreement that is the best first step for a potential new llama owner we sign the agreement.

Our agreement is as follows:

Llama Farm Adoption Program 1) 1 year adoption entitles you to quarterly news of Your Llama and others.

2) Visits to the Posey Thisisit Llama Farm to see and visit Your Adopted Llama.

3) Picture of Your Adopted Llama and copy of the Llama's Certificate of Registration.

4) E-mail for news on Your Adopted Llama and/or Send Your Llama an Email.

5) Special announcement about Your Adopted Llama (ie. Shows or Birthing).

6) Replacement Adoption of Llama of your choice with full adoption agreement should your original Llama be sold within your year's contract.

Cost of Adoption will be used to feed and care for Your Adopted Llama as well as cost of paperwork

Adopted Llamas

Duets Pool Party
Duet has her birthday the same day as Uncle Ralph whose daughter and granddaughter adopted Duet for him as a special gift. Uncle Ralph lives in New Jersey and gets mail from Duet every month and special gifts on special days--like his birthday in August and this year he will be 89 years young and Duet will be 15 years young the same month. He gets flowers and she (Duet) gets a birthday check for carrots and special crackers that she likes. Duet also sends Uncle Ralph pictures throughout the year of things she does, like her pool party.

Janet and Megan

This is Duet with Janet and Megan, daugther and granddaughter of Uncle Ralph .

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny loves birthday cake and anything having to do with food--cake and cookies and carrots. Here she is enjoying cake from one of the boys (llamas) birthday celebration. Yes, we do have little birthday parties for our critters and normally we eat cake and they get carrots or apples or pears. Easter Bunny makes sure she is around for the fun and good stuff.Also she has been adopted and the lady that adopted her comes with the homemade birthday goodies and hats and balloons.

Majic and Joan
Majic is a very lucky llama because Joan came to our Open Barn in 2006 and saw her very first llama and received her very first Llama Kiss and You guessed it!!! She saw our adoption paper and asked if Majic was one she could adopt. Long story made short, Joan not only adopted Majic but within the year bought him. He stays here on the farm along with 2 others Joan has bought plus 2 more that she has adopted.

Llamas just have away of winning your heart and you are hooked. Just ask Joan.

P.S. Joan is our best pooper scooper."

Email: llamasjh@gmail.com