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Jim & Joyce Hall
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Llama Fiber Classes

Joyce Felting

Here is Joyce, who always has a project going ... but it is our daughter Jamee, who gives the fiber classes althought, there is not a set schedule. Some classes are spontaneous when groups come for a farm tour and want to do a fiber project. We try to do some fiber classes in late fall and summer on request.

Cats in Felting Class

We always seem to have a project in the works, and even our cats enjoy helping us work on the felted wool. We do put ads in the local newspapers on occasion, letting people know that fiber classes are available here on the farm-- call to set-up a class.

Janet Felting

We do basic needle felting -- Locker Hooking-- and small little projects for the kids-such as the felted Llama and Christmas Angels or mice or cats!! Jamee is now getting into weaving and spinning so she will work with anyone who is into those things.

If you are interested in learning basic needle felting, locker hooking, weaving or spinning send us an for more information.


Email: llamasjh@gmail.com