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Herd Health Care

Jim grooming Cookie Dough George

Here is Cookie Dough George, being groomed for an upcoming show. (This is one type of chute used for llamas. )

A chute is very handy when you need to secure a animal so he/she doesn't get hurt or the handler, when needed to be examined. We use our chute to give shots, trim toe nails and to groom the llamas.

The need to use a chute depends on the disposition of the animal and the situation.

We run and operate our farm and have raised llamas since 1995. We have llamas for sale for Show as well as Pets and Females for breeding. Come see for yourself! Plus we will board Your Llamas you've bought from us. Working with new Breeders and sharing our information is part of our farm operation.

Picnic Time for the llamas
Llamas are easy to take care of and our girls love an orchard grass picnic -- Picnic Table and All. We feed our Llamas orchard grass when the pastures are dead or there is really nasty weather. Late fall, early spring, and winter, is when they get dry matter (orchard grass). We do grain our Llamas but that we do according to weight, age, and whether the girls are pregnant or nursing. Scales are very important in keeping the Llamas happy and healthy. The same goes for our boys.

Female Health Care
Here we have Bella Donna and her son, Bella's Bruno of Posey Thisisit who is one day old. His farm name is "Critter" because he is one! The only little boy in the female lot.

Female llamas are pregnant an average of 350 days. And will nurse until the cria is 6 months old. Then it is weaning time. Some of our girls go 342 days and some will go 354 days gestation. Cria's should never being removed from their mother until they are 6 months old.


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