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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA









































Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA



Life on The Farm

Our Daughter Jamee's Stud Zapprr

Life on our farm means "LLAMAS" to us. As you can see they have become a very intergrated part of our lives.

This is Midnight Tootsie whom we call "Tootsie Pop". She loves coming in the back door to the kitchen. She's has a very gentle and beautiful personality. She is due to have her 1st cria in April 2001. Tootsie Pop likes showing up in the morning for a cup of grain...Not Coffee!

Llamas are such curious and intelligent animals that they are full of surprises. Some people think of llamas as herd animals but they are also companion animals. Unlike other animals, it is not unusual to find a llama peeking in throught windows or entering the house if there is an open door. Llamas are also known to enjoy a good TV program every now and then.

Picnic Time for the llamas

Leave the kitchen window down and you are sure to find "Duet" humming for her carrot as you can see in the picture. Mom knows exactly what to do...Well Trained Mom! Duet is one of our people loving females whom has produced gentle loving crias.

Picnic Time for the llamas

Wow, the kitchen is all mine; so our Twilight Mystique thinks! Uh-Oh - so Dad thinks he's going to teach me to cook...No Way! Hey I'm a Llama - Show Me the Grain!

Picnic Time for the llamas

Mystique is Tootsie Pop's sister, and like Tootsie Pop, is a very gentle people oriented Llama; whom happens to like being in the kitchen too!

Duets Adoption

Duet dressed up for St. Davids Day Celebration and to have her picture taken for Uncle Ralph. Duet is one of our llamas that in participates our Llama Farm Adoption Program. For more information and photos, see our Farm Adoption page.

Llama Boys at Play

Houdini Magic and Tuscan Knight are having a grand time playing King of The Hill which is snow, hay and llama poo from a winter snow fall. We pushed the hay. snow and poo over to the side of the yard , so we could do the boys(llamas ) shots and Hoots and Tuscan had to be the Top Llama. Boys will be Boys even Llama Boys!!


Dartanyin, is just like his dad - Phantom of Toms Brook. Take a look at this guys fiber and its single coat. We call him Mr. Personality. He sold the day he was born. His Mom is one of our foundation Mama llamas Bella Donna.

Miss Ivy Lace and hours old son.

Miss Ivy Lace and hours old son. (April 27, 2008). Appy Dance is following in his dad's footsteps, by producing strong healthy crias. This little guy here being Appys first was up nuring and discovering the world within an hour and is gaining a pound a day.




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