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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA



Barn Swallows"Future Guards over our Girl Llamas" Every year in late May the barn swallows return to have babies, and spend the summer in the barn with the llamas. They really act like guards for our gals. The female llamas seem to really enjoy having the barn swallows and babies here and spending the summer with them.


Jacob Swartz House

Historic Shenandoah Valley Bed and Breakfast - Guest Cottage - New Market, Virginia

Llamas by the Llakes

Cart Driving Specialists Driving equipment Training and Llama Sales. Where your driving experience begins!

Burnt Mountain Llamas

is a small 15 acre farm located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia.

Kings Ransom Stables

ILR Llamas, AQHA Horses and AMHA Mini Horses

Yenneveldt Farm Llamas

Lithia llamas

Cabernet Creek Farms

Hard Rock Ranch

Proud Home of ROSEMARY RED, 2001 Western Regional Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female

BuddiesWalnut Ridge Llamas

We Invite you to visit our farm and share the excitement llamas has added to our life

Primos Del Camello

Cousins of Camels, Llama Ranch..

Charlie the Llama

A site for children about Charlie, a star from Animal Planet

Pearson Pond Ranch & Llamas, GA

A wealth of information not to mention fantastic llamas

Agape Lland Llamas

Agapé is a greek word which means to serve God, to love your neighbor, or to accept without expecting something in return (unconditional). 1 Cor 13:1-13.

Blue By You Ranch

I look at my site as a fun site, with three major categories. Llamas, Mountain Man, and Genealogy of my family.


Email: llamasjh@gmail.com