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Llama Products

Wool Scarves

These two beautiful scarves have been made from the fiber of our very own llamas, grazing in our backyard. When wearing either scarf it makes me happy thinking about the gals and guys that gave me these beautiful gifts.

Pencil style roving

The pencil style roving in this photo comes from 5 of our gals; CoCo Puff, BellaDonna, her daughter, and Sienna, DiaGonal and Butterscotch Mink. It can be spun into yarn or used in Locker Hooking and other Fiber and Craft Items. These are all natural colors plus other colors available from our Llamas here on our Farm.

Hand Spun Yarn

One of the exciting things we have done here on the farm was after shearing, we sent our fiber off to be cleaned and hand spun into yarn. This basket is full of hand spun yarn our wonderful four legged companions provided for us.

Dawn posing in Zappers Wool Coat

Dawn posing in Zappers Wool Coat





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