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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA




































Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA






Raising Llamas

Our Daughter Jamee's Stud Zapprr

Obstacles is one of the things our boys love to do. Particularly Zapper our 3 year old -- he just glides over the jumps beautifully.

Picnic Time for the llamas

Boys will be boys...Mocha Man and Bunny's Sidewinder, chest butting is common play between the boys.

Picnic Time for the llamas

Cookie Dough George, at 16 months old, our future herd sire will go over the jumps with Dad giving encouragement. Here Cookie Dough George is practicing a jump for future obstacle classes in future shows .

Pooh Bear meeting Ivy Laces new son Majic

Pooh Bear meets Miss Ivy's son Majic for the first time. Miss Ivy's face says how she feels about this meeting,since he is only hours old. Majic is now 2years old and part of the drill team and living with the other boys. As for Miss I vy she is still producing boys for our hiking and the obstacle course. Pooh Bear is here and producing wonderful fiber and enjoying life.

Jamee' with Zapper ready for Christmas Fun

Jamee, our daughter and her herdsire Zapper are ready for a Christmas Hike down the Road. If you want to stop traffic, just dress a llama up and start walking down the road. Zapper has produced for us a number of wonderful crias.Zapper donated the fiber for the coat shawl on our fiber page.

Jamee' Shearring Sugar Spice for Summer

Jamee shearing for the summer. Part of Herd Health Care is making sure all the llamas are ready for summer. After grooming shearing begins in the late spring, so all will not suffer heat stress in Virginia.

Before and After Grooming

Picnic Time for the llamas

Before - It's show time and the professional dog/llama groomer in the family "Dawn" gets busy with Zapper. He has a winter coat of hay and dirt etc. to be removed. Patience is the key here - Llamas love to be cleaned but they don't want their wool pulled. It Hurts!!

After Grooming After - With lots of blowing -- lots and lots and lots of brushing -- with breaks of course -- maybe even a day or two break -- He is show ring ready or could it just be an outing with a Lady Llama?! You know?!

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