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Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA















































Jim & Joyce Hall
Toms Brook, VA



Community Service

Little Girl and Llama

This is a little girl with Lucky Star, who was just about 1 day old. The little girl is trying to feed her carrots - Momma Butterscotch Mink stood by and was just as gentle as can be. She just seemed to understand 2 little ones meeting each other.

Little Boy and Llama

This is our neighbors son Kaleb with our big white girl Easter Bunny - Yes she was born on Easter Sunday. The other llama is Butterscotch Mink. Llamas love children.

Sharing Llamas

Us sharing our llamas with the community at our Shennandoah County Animal Shelter Open House. We helped them to raise money for the Animal Shelter by sharing our llamas with the community; and the visitors paid to have their picture taken with the Llama they liked the most there at the open house.

Sharing Llamas

It was a Great Day for Us, the Llamas, Animal Shelter and our Community People.

Llama Kissing Booth

We took some of our girls to the opening of our Tractor Supply Store. We set-up a llama kissing booth and for a donation one of our girls will give you a kiss. In this picture it is our Pooh Bear. Pooh absolutely loved this little girl; particularly the little girl's hair. Thanks goes to one of our 4-H moms for the kissing booth idea.

Broadway Days

Cinnamon Bear and I are enjoying the Broadway Fest Day in Broadway Virginia. She is one of our PR. Llams and loves to go out into the public. At the fest day there are always lots of people for Cinnamon Bear to give kisses too. It's fun taking the llamas out and watching the people and answering their questions. This is a yearly event for us.

Llamas Hiking With Kids

Some of our 4H group hiking in Maurertown State Park. It was a beautiful day and the llama boys Tonto and Silver (our rescue llamas) and our Cookie Dough George are enjoying being with the the 2 legged girls. Silver hummed the entire trip as if he wer singing hiking songs. Lunch was in one of the pavillons' and the llama boys had grain and water under the trees.

McGruff meets Mocha Man
McGruff meets Mocha Man!


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