Among the factors which determine the quickest rent or sale of an apartment or house are the price, the conditions of that property and the payment method, the place where it is situated, the owner’s attitude and access to it. In addition to that, it is also very important to take into consideration the expenses came from these projects, which are primarily the notary payment in the case of a sale, or of a lawyer or accountant for whoever will rent the property, aside from the insurance which protects the property.  


Another very essential point which must also be taken into account is the record or document which these transactions imply, it’s very important to consider the expense in the accountant, real estate agents, professional appraisers, lawyer and notary in order to compute the tax burden that are derived from the rent or sale of a property. 

Documentation in Order 

Professionals suggest checking that all records or documents in order because there are times when a property is not owned legally by who wants to get rid of them, for when the owner dies as well as the series of the property hasn’t been made. Having said that, another aspect is actually when the deeds of a property have mistakes which may stop the accreditation or prevent the sale of the property like faults in the location, name of the owner, or description. The files that you should have are: deed registered or property title. Properly paid land and water bills, telephone and electricity bills, as well as the additional services contracted, the location sketch to expedite the location and official identification. 

Identifying the Waiting Time 

This factor is very important to determine the margin of negotiation you have. For instance, if you need to rent or sell because you need money, the time of negotiation must be decreased and because of this, the possibilities of earning a client with higher benefits is increased. On the other hand, if you aren’t in a hurry to sell or have your property be rented, you will have to wait for the appropriate tenant or buyer, which will, no doubt, allow you a greater profit margin. 

Conditions of the House 

When a house is preserved well, there is higher possibility of selling or have it rented fast, or asking for a greater value for rent as well, so it is very essential that you take into consideration investing in maintenance. Having said that, check the gas, water and electricity installations. Furthermore, it is important to maintain the property free of garbage, debris and that, it has enough lighting and ventilation. 

Define the Value 

Determining the price of the property depends on several factors which include the land use (whether it’s commercial or residential), services, accessibility, development of the area, the construction materials, its size and also, its location. In the case of a sale, the best move is to hire an expert appraiser in order to make sure that it’s not asking a higher value than what really is worth. For more information about putting your home for sale, contact a professional.